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Welcome to The Walk to End Chronic Pain


What is it About

Who I Am

I am one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain each and every day.  In my years of suffering I have tried with little success to find the services that would improve the quality of my life.

What I'm Doing

I'm planning on walking from Queen's Park in Toronto to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  I plan to leave on June 18th hoping to arrive on July 1st, Canada Day.  This is approximately 450 kms and I will be walking around 35 kms per day.


Chronic pain sufferers are not taken seriously in the medical community and there needs to be more support available to those who suffer.  I hope that by doing this walk it will increase awareness of this gap in the health care system and will open up a window to start to see some changes for the better.

Getting Involved

Volunteer With Planning

There is all kinds of behind the scenes work involved in planning an event like this.  I can use all the help I can get.  If you have some time to spare making phone calls or sending emails I would certainly appreciate any help you have to offer.

Sponsor The Walk

If you own or work for a business, big or small, sponsoring my walk has a benefit for both of us.  If you make a financial contribution to my walk I will then add you to my sponsor page and include your company name in all of my marketing materials.  We both benefit from a sponsorship.

Walk Along Side Me

The more people that show their support the more power our message has.  Even if you can only walk a  block or two, I would love to have you walk along with me.  Especially at the beginning of the walk and the last leg of the walk.  The more the merrier as the saying goes.

Tell Others About The Walk

Once again the goal is making others aware of the need for more services for chronic pain sufferers, so the more people that are aware of the walk the better.  The more people that you share this with the more powerful the message.

Donate A Service/Product

If you have a business and would like to contribute something other than a financial donation you can donate a service or a product.  This then becomes a sponsorship and you will then be added to my sponsorship page and be included in my marketing materials as well.

Have a Fundraiser

A great way to help out is to hold a fundraiser of your own.  There are so many ways to raise funds that are relatively inexpensive but would be so beneficial to this cause.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

How Donating Helps

Basic Costs

By donating today you are helping cover the basic costs of this walk.  Donations are used for the cost of food, lodging, gas for the pace car and some media costs. As well as many behind the scenes costs that are necessary just to allow the walk to happen.  The costs of permits and insurance can be significant.

Help Me Start Support Groups in My Community

A portion of the money raised will go toward starting support groups in my community to help those living with Chronic Pain learn to cope.  I hope to start both physical and virtual support groups for the Chronic Pain community.  Having a support network makes all the difference in the world, I know that from personal experience.  

I Can't Do This Without You

Without the generous support of donors there is no way I can make this walk happen.  The costs are too high for one person to cover.  

Every Donation Helps, even if it is just $1.  Thank You for All Your Help.


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